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Too old for school? Think again.

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

The Philippines is one of the countries that require education for 98% of the workforce to advance. Some people due to unfortunate events either can't finish high school or college. Unlike other countries where skills are very important in progressing up the career ladder, most of the time, and in most Asian countries, the education you receive plus your perseverance and knowledge will determine if you will rise up or stay stuck on where you are.

Being an educator who handled students from all ages and all walks of life, both locally and internationally, the experience taught me how myriads of both good and bad experiences determines how a person will achieve their success in life. I am no expert in the matter as I am not a PHD yet but based on my observations and studies about my students and interaction with other people, education plays an important role in one's confidence and success.

Some people may argue, how about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other successful names in different industries, some of them did not finish college but they are successful. These thoughts may inspire a lot of us and yes they are truly inspiring, do but check their background, they are from Harvard, MIT, Prestigious universities in US, Germany, United Kingdom and other countries. These people know their cards, their skills and how they can talk with investors and present their innovation to the world. Why did I include this in my blog? Education is very important, yes. However, make sure that Education and your desire to achieve something is different from just going to school and passing your grades then that's it. If you are studying right now just so you can graduate but your heart is not on what you are doing then it's just a waste of time.

Most people who went back to school after college are 90% of the time the ones who has the profusion of what they really want in life. 70% is for career advancement (ie. Company position requires Master's or Ph. D, to raise their earnings or salary, to keep their position) and 30% is about a 360 degree life change (they are pursuing what they really wanted from the start because they were not able to due to external pressures like 'This is what my parents, my sponsor or the industry wanted or it was what was needed at that time.') or the person who wants to study again really decided to either continue what they started or create a new life for themselves.

In my case, I took up Journalism, Education, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Educational Psychology, something that I really liked. My parents wanted me to take up or shift to Accounting, Nursing or Occupational Therapy for the promise of a good life, greener pasture in another country (USA needed nurses during that time). To be honest, I hated Math, I don't like blood, I hate memorization. I know when i was younger what my strengths and weaknesses are, at a young age, I knew that I wanted to teach, be in the counseling, conservation and innovation field. I want to be a life changer, to inspire people to be their best and help them cope with the things that they have a hard time coping with. I knew back then up until now that I wanted to push people upwards in life based on their best capacities.

Don't be afraid to start over, don't feel bad in going back to school (for those who hasn't finished their High School or College) no matter what age you are.