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Thoughts About Work

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I used to be very driven, I had a partner and we built a company in another country, that company is still in the industry and successful in that country today. I've written books and modules for that company I built with that partner but after giving all the resources to him, he discarded me and copyrighted the books I made (which was also on the process of being copyrighted in IPO).

Then after that, I went back to the workforce, I made a mistake of caring too much for the company and my colleagues, I wanted to do a great job and be loyal but I never got anywhere. I helped train people, I wrote training materials and try the new processes, those were successful too.

Eventually, I got sick due to fatigue, lack of rewards and people getting the credit of my hard work. Slowly, it destroyed my motivation. After being hospitalized, I had to quit because I still work even if i was confined in the hospital. My body experienced a shut down. A few days after quitting, they brought in another employee like I was never there before.

Right now, my focus is my health and family. Yes, we can excel at work but never forget that we only have one body, take care of your health. My experiences taught me that no matter how hard you work, once money and power kicked in, you will make enemies.

Don't let your trusting nature break your heart like I did. Go to work, do what is required, go home to your family. Why? Because your family, not your boss, not your company, will be beside you in the hospital or your deathbed when your body fails.

I still carry this fear up until now. I became cautious. I still mingle, have fun and bond with people at work but I placed a barrier by not fully giving out the real me. I still have faith in the goodness in others but cautious. I don't want to be broken hearted again. - Dana Soul - 9/2/2019 7:33 AM.